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Seth For StarOblivion Contest by nejiXtentenfangirl Seth For StarOblivion Contest by nejiXtentenfangirl
Seth, for StarOblivion's Contest. I took the whole day working on this, using a pencil I got from the library and a pink one with farm animals on it. Heh. I want his shirt, with the Pokeball holsters. He's not my actual Pokemon RPC Trainer, I just created him. He's kinda hawt for something I made up and drew. Yeah... also I have a corner where the stuff is ugly aka his family. Alright, here's a veeery long description:

Name: Seth

Personality: Cool, Calm, Collected, Quiet

When He Meets Laura- Chikorita, Buneary, Abra
Catches Later On(in Order)- Wooper, Poochie(Poochyena), Skarmory

Goals: To settle down as far away from his father as possible, with his pokemon and possibly, a wife/girlfriend and kids


Seth is a quiet, cool, collected boy. He is noticed by many girls because of his ravishing looks. He hates his father, who swore to his mother he would never love another woman on her deathbed, but ends up having several girlfriends. He has an older sister in Sunyshore City. He goes to Professor Elm and lies about having a giant passion to become a Pokemon Trainer, so he receives a Chikorita. He then leaves with his Buneary and Chikorita. When he meets Laura, he notices her watching him battle and catch an Abra. He takes one look at her Mudkip and tells her it's a poor choice. She then gets angry at him and storms off, her Mudkip in tow. Seth, curious, follows her. Eventually, he travels with her because he is 'interested in seeing how she'll make as a Pokemon Trainer'. Seth admires Laura because of her honest heart, enthusiasm, and passion for her Pokemon and battling.

Pokemon Descriptions:

Pokemon: Chikorita
Gender: Female
Personality: Bubbly, Not Too Bright, Energetic(Maybe Too Energetic)
Description: Seth got his Chikorita from Professor Elm, lying about wanting to become a Pokemon Trainer so he could run away from home, along with his Buneary. His Chikorita was the stronger of the two pokemon, and was the one Seth preferred to battle with. She enjoys playing with Laura's Mudkip.
Problem: Tends to do flips out of random to burn energy, gets distracted during battles by Bug pokemon and flowers.(evolves into Bayleef then Meganium)

Pokemon: Buneary
Gender: Female
Personality: Smart, Generally Happy, Loyal
Description: Seth got his Buneary when he was five, as a birthday present from his older sister, who lives in Sunyshore City. He was never apart from the Buneary as a child, and she wears a black bandana around one of its ears as a sign of their friendship. Because of Seth's favor of using Chikorita as a battler, Buneary often wanders off, and straight into danger, which makes Seth unusually anxious, and desperately try to save her. Seth tells Laura he will never evolve his Buneary because Bunearies were his mother's favorite Pokemon.
Problem: Constantly Jealous Of Chikorita

Pokemon: Abra
Gender: Male
Personality: Quiet, Shy, Intelligent
Description: Abra was the first Pokemon Seth ever caught. After catching it, he noticed Laura in the trees, watching him. Abra is very fond of Laura and even more fond of Seth. Even though it won't move much, it constantly tries to get them closer by randomly falling over or falling off surfaces. It refuses to evolve into a Kadabra, keeping its cute exterior look, and its intelligent matchmaking skills. Although, nobody will ever know what he's really thinking, right? Of course, Abra isn't all looks. He's a skilled fighter, however, if he senses that the enemy is stronger than he is, he uses his Teleport to hide behind Seth or Laura. He is Seth's only Pokemon that Seth does not command. During Abra's first battle, he refused to listen to Seth, attacking on his own, and also losing the battle. Later on, it reveals that Abra will take commands from Laura, but remains Seth's Pokemon. He also has a fear of pain, although tripping suddenly or falling off things doesn't bother him much.
Problem: Refuses To Evolve, Fears Pain(Instead Withdraws), Doesn't Take Orders From Trainers Except Laura

Gender: Male
Personality: Energetic, Ditzy, Likes Anything With Sugar Or Caffeine
Description: Wooper energetically took out Seth's Chikorita, and Abra refused to fight the Wooper, even when Laura tried to get him to battle it. Seth had no choice but to use his Buneary, who sucessfully beat it using several Pound attacks. Wooper acts like it's drunk frequently, walking funny with a glazed look in its eyes. Everytime it falls down, even in battle, it will automatically go to sleep.(Evolves into Quagsire)
Problem: Has An Obsession With Doughnuts/Onigiri, Looks Drunk, Falls Asleep Constantly

Pokemon: Poochie(Poochyena)
Gender: Male
Personality: Loyal, Brave, Friendly
Description: It was found by Seth and Laura in a bush, lying down. Laura coaxed it out, calling it ';Poochie'. Seth questions her pet name for it, calling it stupid. It suddenly becomes extremely fond of Seth, and Seth takes it as one of his Pokemon. However, when he tries to call it by its Pokemon name, Poochie refuses to move, leaving an embarassed Seth with a fierce looking Pokemon he has to call ';Poochie'. Poochie admires Seth, and likes to follow him around everywhere when he's not in his Pokeball, even certain places where no Pokemon goes(*cough*bathroom*cough*), resulting in Seth scolding him.(Evolves into Mightyena)
Problem: Loves his trainer too much.

Pokemon: Skarmory
Gender: Female
Personality: Motherly, Quick-Tempered, Caring
Description: Seth's last Pokemon caught, Skarmory tends to take care of the smaller Pokemon, especially Abra. She is fond of Laura and doesn't like it when Seth teases her, but is very obedient when it comes to battling. She doesn't get along well with Poochie.
Problem: Doesn't like its trainer as much as it should.


He has some sort of charm with women and can usually convince them to do anything. He enjoys teasing Laura and making witty comebacks at her remarks. He thinks she looks cute when she's angry, but as their journey goes on, he starts to care for her a lot. Near the end, he begins to flirt with her, making her blush a lot, by snuggling into her neck and giving her nicknames he uses in affection sometimes, for example, calling her 'sweetie', 'cutie-pie' 'babe', or the occasional 'my princess' which really gets her red.

What they have to do with Laura: Umm... I'll just add more Laura X Seth stuff.
He falls for Laura, and while watching her sleep, he whispers that he'll never love another woman, unlike his father. It's up to StarOblivion to decide whether she hears it and things get awkward, or if she doesn't.

Also, he carries he Pokeballs on special ball holders on his sleeves. They're like magnets. :D
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XShotgunXRomanceX Featured By Owner Jul 27, 2008
Good luck in the contest!! ^_^ I like the personality X3
nejiXtentenfangirl Featured By Owner Jul 28, 2008  Student
Thank youz... I :heart: your name & icon. ^^
XShotgunXRomanceX Featured By Owner Jul 28, 2008
Thanks ^_^ i love pokemon and devil may cry almost equally, so i thought 'why not have a gun related name and one of my fave pokemon for a totally random mix??!!' and out pops a shotgun, a vulpix, and a romance for nero (dmc4) and how much i wuv foxy darkish pokemon XD

I overthink everything, and by that i mean E V E R Y T H I N G!! ¬¬ :)
StarOblivion Featured By Owner Jul 22, 2008
OOhh!! Thats so sweet!! Love the character design and Seth's collected manner!!

Perfect for contest!
nejiXtentenfangirl Featured By Owner Jul 22, 2008  Student
Thankies. I love manga where they have a uber hawt, cool, collected boy in love with cheerful, pretty girl. It's an adorable coupling outline that gets me hooked everytime, but I don't mind if the girl falls for him first. :D
StarOblivion Featured By Owner Jul 23, 2008
Lol-no wonder his attitude is so cool! Though Laura is a stubborn girl most of the time :3!
nejiXtentenfangirl Featured By Owner Jul 23, 2008  Student
Since she's stubborn, you should try having her thinking about him, staring at him, or daydreaming of him, and being the stubborn girl she is, she'll deny her feelings. Having a stubborn girl may also work if Seth tells her to back off personal matters or step out of a battle he thinks she won't be able to handle. It creates conflict, and new feelings and opinions for Seth about Laura. Those are two things that keep readers interested. I'm a writer, and know a lot about captivating the audience. With your kickass drawing skills, keeping readers should be no problem! Good luck with choosing!
StarOblivion Featured By Owner Jul 24, 2008
Wow-I never thought of that! I guess I was never big on romance-this manga kicks off my new shipping skills :3. My writing skills are ameture compared to some-I tend to draw out story plots rather then write them. Other then that-this is very interesting-gosh its so hard to choose from all these great contestants (including you ofcourse). Im going to need the luck-thanks X3!
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