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Stacey Dunnman's thong straps are showing between her silky halter top and her denim shorts. My friends whisper to each other about how much of a slut she is and walk away. I sulk behind them. I didn't see what was so bad about a thong, I wore one myself. It was one of the secrets I kept from them. The only person who knew about my undergarments was Thompson Resdin.

I'll admit he was good looking, but I'd never say it out loud. Thompson was part of the goth clique, and was never considered handsome, otherwise you'd be shunned. High school society sucks that way.

He had come up behind me and whispered that he saw them, curling his right index finger under my right strap, pulling it, then letting go. It smacked the small of my back hard, red imprinting where it had landed. I begged him not to tell anyone. He put his head on my shoulder, pressing his cheek against mine. I could feel him smirk.

"What are you willing to do?"

I blushed. I wasn't ready for that. He told me to meet him at the old playground after school. He smacked my ass then walked away.

I tell my friends I have to pick up some groceries at the supermarket a couple blocks away, so I can't bus home with them. They look curious for a while, but shake it off. I didn't have any other friends, so it's not like I was going to see anyone else, or so they thought.

He is leaning against the swing structure, smoking a cigarette. When he sees me he throws it down, stepping on it as he comes my way, his legs taking long strides. I stop at the slide. I don't want to get any closer, but I'm guessing that's not what he has in mind. As soon as he's in arm's reach his grabs my head and pulls me towards his smoky lips. His hands then fly off my head and he grabs my ass instead, pulling me into his thin frame. While he's skinny, he's still much bigger than I and I wouldn't be able to get away. I can't tell whether I want it or not. All I can concentrate on is the soft ashtray pressed against my lips.

He turns me around, leans against the leg of the structure and I get pulled in again. His large, pale hands cup my breasts and he runs his tongue up my neck, his piercing making me shiver. He begins to lick my neck more, causing a shivering spasm on my part. He eventually lets me go, and I whine for his company.

"Is that it?"

"Perhaps. We'll see."
Prologue to a novel I actually plan on starting and finishing :) Dunno if I'll write a sequel to it, probably not. The picture with it is the main character/narrator, Rose Blackwell.



Punky Twixt/Rose Blackwell: :iconnejixtentenfangirl:
Kotsumi Featured By Owner Jan 11, 2010  Student
that was actually pretty flippin good

100kisses 4u
nejiXtentenfangirl Featured By Owner Jan 11, 2010  Student
XD Thank you, thank you. But when I think about it it's going to end up being pretty erotic.
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January 11, 2010
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